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  • Being a responsible neighbour

ArcelorMittal Poland in the neighbourhood

On October 8, 2012 the Kraków’s plant of ArcelorMittal Poland had a meeting with the surrounding inhabitants to answer the following questions.

  • How is the Krakow’s plant structured?
  • What are the latest evolutions in the steel production process?
  • How does the privatization affect the plant?
  • What is the impact on the environment and is it possible to feel safe when you live next to the plant?

The invitations were accepted by Nowa Huta inhabitants who live next to the plant’s facilities and by former employees, who were curious to see and hear how is the plant has evolved.

The meeting was opened by Manfred Van Vlierberghe, General Director of ArcelorMittal Poland, who thanked all participants for their attendance and their drive to deepen the dialogue. 

"You are our neighbours and we have our role to play to inform you on any changes that occur within the plant – both technological and organisational, as well as their consequences for the environment."

The meeting started with an overview of the plant and its impact on the environment. Afterwards, the neighbours were invited to participate in a discussion.

The main topic was focussed on the problems with the management of the plant’s facilities situated within the former protection zone.

We were pleased to hear, that the local inhabitants praised our investments to decrease the air pollution, and that they really noticed the difference.    

After the meeting, the participants visited the plant. They were given an opportunity to see the new coke gas cleaning installation and the fully-automated process of rolling at the Hot Rolling Mill.

Was this meeting necessary?

Certainly yes! It is important to know your neighbours and to actively help creating a good neighbourhood.

Author: Jolanta Zawitkowska