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  • Environmental Excellence


ArcelorMittal Bremen



  • May 2011 commissioning of the secondary dedusting of  the BOF-shop (16. Mio € investment, new bag filter; new design of the waste gas capturing hood, 1 Mio. Nm³/h; dust < 10 mg/Nm³)
  • Investment for environment and energy efficiency please see energy (BOF gas recovery).
  • Continuous improvement process: specific dust emission -60%; specific NOx emission -55% compared to base year 1990 (100%)

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  • In the past, we improved our processes by optimising waste water treatment plants e.g. BF top gas cleaning and building up water circuits for cooling and process water e.g. HRM.  Currently, we are working on a transversal project focussing on the consumption of different media. We have already decreased the consumption of steam, portable water and fresh water at our site, significantly. As a result, 2011 the yearly fresh water intake was reduced by 15 Mio. m³.
  • Continuous improvement process: in comparison to 1990 the fresh water intake from the river Weser was reduced to 13% (baseline 1990: 100%).
  • At the same time the waste water quality was clearly improved: e.g. suspended solids -97%, Iron -97% and hydro carbon -96% (base year 1990 = 100%)

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  • Continuous improvement process: the amount of non recovered residues was reduced from 85 (2005) to < 50 kg/t (2011).
  • The vision of AMB is to generate “zero waste”, and also increase the re-use of land filled residues (retreat of landfills)
  • Important steps to achieve this vision are the increase of the external BOF slag recycling and a sustainable solution for BOF-fine sludge recycling.

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Currently no restorations action (only groundwater monitoring)

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Energy / CO2

  • May 2011 commissioning of the BOF gas recovery system (55 Mio € investment, reduction of CO2:  ~ 130.000 t per year, dust:  ~70 t per year, NOx:  ~380 t per year, natural gas in the WBF and power station:  ~550 GWh per year)
  • 2011: implementation of the energy management system according ISO 16.001 (certificate since 2012; 50.001 certification Jan 2013)
  • target for further reduction of energy consumption: 2007 – 2015: 6%


  • About 30% of the total site consisting of green areas, part of it is forest (12 %) or biotopes (10 %)
  • in case of industrial land use/industrial development, we compensate the losses by internal or external measures. E.g. for the BOF-gas project (see energy) new trees will be planted in the town of Bremen, new nesting sites were created on AMB site

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Other sustainable aspects

  • FCE Environment Excellence Award  2011 for Recycling of BOF fine slag in the sinter plant
  • Member of the local cooperation “partnerschaft umwelt unternehmen Bremen”
  • Regularly Invitation of neighbours to visit the site and inform about current activities.
  • implementation and development of TPM (total productive management) pillar 9 (environment) for further improvement of environmental performance

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