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  • Environmental Excellence


ArcelorMittal Sagunto



  • Since 2008, ArcelorMittal have spent about € 5’5 million on environmental improvement projects at Sagunto site. In air the investments reached € 0’647 million, including:
  • Replacing fumes scrubber at Pickling line (reduction of HCl emission)
  • Replacing 6 protective furnace covers in Batch Annealing (reduction of natural gas consumption and air emission)
  • Implementation of a regulation cycle model (SAMBA) in Batch Annealing (reduction of natural gas consumption and air emission)

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  • In water the investments reached € 0’55 million (since 2008), including:
  • Reconstruction of process tank nº4 at Pickling line: reduction in water consumption, preventing leakages
  • New inside coating in electrolyte tank at Electro galvanising line: reduction in water and electrolyte consumption, preventing leakages
  • Apart from this, in 2011 ArcelorMittal Sagunto has made a characterization study of sewage at all its lines, for the introduction of improvements.
  • ArcelorMittal Sagunto has reached a Reduction in discharge ratio: from 0’656 m3/t HRCe (2008) to 0’516 m3/t HRCe* (2011)
  • ArcelorMittal Sagunto has reached a Reduction in water consumption: from 1’185 m3/t HRCe (2008) to 1’014 m3/t HRCe* (2011)

*(HRCe = Hot Rolled Coil equivalent)

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  • In residues the investments reached € 4’4 million (since 2008), including:
  • Replacing 2 grinding machines at Roll shop: reduction of grinding dust residues, requalification from hazardous residue to non hazardous residue (as a consequence of technology change).
  • Replacing edge cutter at Pickling line: reduction in scraps
  • New auto inspection system at Hot dip galvanizing line: reduction in scraps
  • ArcelorMittal Sagunto has reached a Reduction in hazardous residues ratio: from 0’96 kg/t HRCe (2008) to 0’87 kg/t HRCe (2011)
  • Since year 2000, Sagunto site has an Acid Regeneration Plant, which it is considered as a BAT, where all the wasted HCl acid is regenerated and reused at the Pickling line.

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Energy / CO2

  • Energy Audit in ArcelorMittal Sagunto site, carried out by ABB company in 2010
  • Increase of energy efficiency on street lighting (Investment 56.900 € in 2010).
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: Investment of an Economizer at main boiler in Energy department (57.600 €), in 2004.

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ArcelorMittal workers and their families participate in 2009 in a tree wall plantation, 1 kilometre length, composed by indigenous species.


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Other sustainable aspects

  • Ecoimagination Award: for the reduction in consumption of water for cooling circuit (energy department), 2005, General Electric Munich.
  • Dirigentes Award: Best environmental trajectory company in Valencian Community, 2005, Regional Goverment
  • Cerverola Award: Best environmental management company 2006, Local Government
  • Best Practices Guide: elaborated in ArcelorMittal Sagunto Site, october 2008, distributed to all employees and subcontractors.
  • Collaboration with Regional Government, once a year, in the “Water Management in the Industry” training, at the Environmental Education Center (Valencian Community).
  • More than 500 hours (average year) in Environmental training inside the site.

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