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  • The women's council and the kindergarten

Responding to the needs of women

Since 2008, in ArcelorMittal Poland, a Women’s Council represents best interests and responds to the needs of women employed in Polish operations of the Company. The Council members are the representatives of Health and Safety, HR and Communications. 

In 2010, the Women's Council conducted a survey among employees with children at pre-school age. 90% of parents responding to the survey expressed interest in a kindergarten.

Following the survey, the decision was taken to build a kindergarten near the company plant in Dabrowa Górnicza, with the cooperation and involvement of the local authorities. The construction took 8 months - a record time- and the costs amounted to PLN 5 m.

Parents whose children are enrolled into the kindergarten pay no more than 25% of the actual cost incurred for the services, thanks to partial support from the City of D?browa Górnicza and ArcelorMittal Poland’s financial contribution which will be covered by the Employee Benefit Fund.

Following the success of this achievement, the decision was taken to build a similar facility in Krakow, which opened in September 2012. With a capacity for 100 children of Kraków Unit’s employees, the Academy of Little Ones (the was name chosen in a contest) offers an impressive teaching programme: English lessons 5 times a week, speech therapy, multimedia lessons and corrective-gymnastic therapy. The children also take part in various events and celebrations, such as: Theatre Holiday, Fine Arts Holiday and Music Holiday.

The founders of Aesthetic Kindergarten – an organization which operates both facilities - underline the importance of artistic performances: “These children will never have any problems with expressing their emotions, assertiveness or public performances” – say educators who have worked with children for many years.

Both facilities are open from Monday to Friday from 5.30am to 6 pm so that line employees starting work early in the morning can take advantage of them.

”The initiative of creating Company’s preschool education facilities is an element of our Corporate Responsibility strategy, with care about employees as one of its pillars" comments Sanjay Samaddar, the Chairman of the Board of Directors. "We invest to offer them a comfort of work and everyday life in which parents of children at preschool age must face a number of challenges related to raising and taking care of their offspring. We believe that our initiatives are completely in line with the demographic profile of Poland. Parents will be able to continue their careers knowing that their children play and learn in a world-class standard facility located near their workplace”.