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  • Helping hands

The helping hands of ArcelorMittal Galati

This month, a group of volunteers from ArcelorMittal Galati gave a helping hand to the affected population of the flood disasters in the North of the Galati County. 

On the 14th of September, our colleagues accompanied a first emergency transport aid, consisting out of 4 tons of bottled water, food, towels, soap bars, equipment and other supplies that were donated by both the Company and our employees. One week later, other volunteers joined the group. 

The ArcelorMittal Galati volunteers focused on supporting their colleagues who have been severely affected by the recent events.

The team noticed that in the village Cuca, about 50 families have lost their homes engulfed by the flood flow while at Cudalbi village, nearly 2,000 people are homeless now. The pain intensity in Cudalbi is even higher, as 9 people here have lost their lives, including a 8 year-old girl, being pulled away from her father’s arms by the floods.

There is a large number of people in these villages (including our employees or their relatives), whose lives changed dramatically.

The situation is now under control more or less: our employees, that have been affected by the flood, now reside in modules and benefit from the received aid and from the work force provided by the volunteers, gendarmes and even from the convicts of Galati Penitentiary. Of course, this does not solve the entire problem but it is a start.

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