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  • An event that brightens up the day

ArcelorMittal Ostrava helps handicapped by shopping at Easter markets

Though winter with its freezing temperature still reigns outside, the spring with its warm atmopshere came into Ostrava, as our Czech colleagues from ArcelorMittal Ostrava hosted their traditional Easter markets to sponsor sheltered workers.

For two days, hundreds of employees showed their solidarity as they shopped for all kinds of hand-made Easter products and Easter accessories made by people with a handicap. By doing so, they pleased not just themselves but primarily those working at the sheltered workshops. Thanks to this initiative, they helped them to raise more than 2,200 euros which will be used to fund activities of the NGOs.

One of the visitors who helped the beneficiaries was the CEO of ArcelorMittal Ostrava, Tapas Rajderkar. “It was not easy at all for me to choose one thing, so I bought several beautiful products at the market. It was not only pleasant for me, but I am sure it also pleased those who made them,” said Tapas Rajderkar.

The NGOs offered products of their clients, such as hand-made decorations, greeting cards, mugs, small products made of fabric, ceramics or wood at their stands . There was also a big demand for candles, Easter accessories, jewelry and hand-painted silk.