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Confirmed! ArcelorMittal Energy Ostrava marks five years without LTI

Our Czech colleagues have reached a significant milestone on their Journey To Zero. It has been five years since last LTI happened at ArcelorMittal Energy Ostrava. From 2008 they keep a clear record. Congratulations!

“Big credit for this achievement goes to our employees. It shows that all the efforts we put in H&S pays off. But it is also a commitment for us not to rest on laurels but to keep up the good results and reach other positive results in this area,” said CEO of ArcelorMittal Energy Ostrava, Petr Baranek.  

The last incident at the site triggered a series of technical and organisational measures. As a follow-up, the communication during failure recovery is being recorded, time between mandatory regulations test for employees has been shortened or the entry to selected operations has been restricted to authorised personnel only. 

Changing the mindset  

However the major emphasis was put on a change of the employee mindset. The Journey to Zero Agents came to being, the safety minutes started and safety management OHSAS has become a part of the integrated management system. Leaders -not only from the plant- started to take workshop audits where they did not only pay attention to tidiness and rules observance, but also to what is most important: employee mindset.

Together with the H&S team employee trainings focused on new ways of thinking and development of behavior psychology were hold. Thus step by step all employees got engaged in the Health & Safety. Nobody was supposed to stand aside. And all the efforts soon bore its fruits. In November 2010, the site reached 1,000 days without an LTI. Two years later in May the company was awarded a prestigious title of “Safe Organization”.  

Collaboration: Ivo Štěrba, Communications, ArcelorMittal Ostrava,
Photo: Ivo Štěrba, Communications, ArcelorMittal Ostrava