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  • Climate change and energy efficiency

Reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency

FCE contributes to ArcelorMittal’s objectives to reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency.

Regarding CO2, FCE concentrates mainly its “integrated sites” which produce steel from iron ore and coal, and are therefore the main CO2 emitters.

A lot has been done during the last decades to decrease these CO2 emissions by decreasing the coke consumed at the blast furnaces, though improvements remain to be done in some sites. Other FCE’s efforts focus primarely on increasing the use of scrap at the steelplant, instead of hot metal.

In the field of Energy Management, FCE launched in 2012 Energize – a project to identify existing process improvements which effectively reduce energy use, and to implement them at all FCE mills.

The goal is to reduce energy costs by 10% over the next four years. Main actions are linked to better use of produced off-gases, production of electricity thanks to the pressure of the gas produced at blast furnaces and improvement of the logistics in order to decrease energy losses.


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