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Safe and healthy

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Geert Van Poelvoorde,
CEO ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

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In just three months, our world has changed immeasurably, and businesses have had to respond to a crisis without precedent.

Having spent the last three months leading ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have a simple message for all our customers: thank you.
For those of you who have continued to operate and work with us, thank you for your custom.
For those of you who have recently resumed operations and come back to us, thank you for your loyalty.
Our employees have worked hard to ensure that your steel is produced and shipped safely, for which we as a management team, are extremely grateful.

Our packaging production lines were busy during the crisis to meet demand

As a company, our number one priority has always been health and safety. But the coronavirus pandemic has demanded new measures and protocols that we could never have imagined we would have to implement, in order to keep our employees and those who visit our sites safe.

We have enforced stringent cleaning and sanitisation measures in all sites and offices, in accordance with the WHO guidelines and in line with the national regulations of the countries in which we operate. Several other measures were quickly implemented – these include temperature checks at entry points, protective masks for all employees in contact with other people, marking of workstations to ensure proper distancing in all installations, and we have established a clear protocol to quarantine employees who display any symptoms.

The demand for canned food was strong as they are convenient, have a long-shelf life while maintaining the taste and nutritional properties of food

Strict protocols have been put in place to prevent the virus entering or spreading within the company

As we see the lockdowns eased across Europe, we all know that we are entering a new normal, rather than returning to normal. We know that the rest of the year and beyond will be challenging, but I hope that we can continue to work with you and that we meet and exceed your expectations as a supplier of choice.

Usage of protective masks is mandatory whenever safe distance cannot be guaranteed

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