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Stephane Ska,
CIO ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

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ArcelorMittal’s IT teams are aiming to create a modern, reliable, data-driven organisation which makes maximum use of digital solutions. Our goal is to enhance productivity – both internally and for our customers – and to anticipate future customer needs.

For more than a decade, SteelUser has been our web portal and the main way for customers to digitally interact with us. Over that time, SteelUser has grown from being a tool to find information about ArcelorMittal orders and retrieve documents to become a fully interactive source of information for material selection, document handling, and order booking and follow-up. All of the information available in SteelUser can also be made available through APIs. This enables customers to integrate the information into their own IT landscape in real time.

Continuously enriched

A recent addition to SteelUser is the ability to scan the barcodes which ArcelorMittal places on labels and documents. The codes can be read by mobile devices and provide access to quality, shipment, and order data. Quality issues can be communicated to ArcelorMittal through SteelUser by scanning these codes. This gives ArcelorMittal all the information we need to identify the material and accelerates the claim process dramatically.

SteelUser now includes our ‘Available Now’ web shop which offers available slabs and coils at discounted prices. Fast delivery, prime guarantees, and certificates are included. Slabs and coils can also be transformed into finished products according to your specifications.

In future releases, we plan to add a redesigned web order-entry feature which will allow customers to interact in real-time with our product configurator. Other new features to be implemented include a new order follow-up system, and an offer tool which is connected to our CRM. These new features will optimise our interactions with customers.

More than SteelUser

Our IT teams are also working on initiatives which are outside the scope of SteelUser.

For example, we’re modernising our internal processes to optimise interactions with customers. This includes the implementation of a best-in-class CRM solution which will optimise ArcelorMittal’s follow-up of customer enquiries and requests. We’re also furthering the use of bots to streamline our administrative processes.

Steel producer Customer

We’re also delivering our first products to automotive customers which feature QR codes printed at regular intervals along the coil. The codes identify the specific characteristics of that part of the coil and can be interpreted by readers placed along the processing line and connected to ArcelorMittal’s database.

This information can also be provided before the coil arrives, in the form of a ‘Digital Twin’. The twin enables customers to tailor their processes to the specific properties of each coil.

The solutions detailed here are available immediately. Interested? Get in touch: ebusiness.support@arcelormittal.com

Stephane Ska,
CIO ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

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