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Time to renovate your bathroom?

Steel basins add glamour, purity, and sustainability

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German firm Alape creates its hand-finished bathroom basins and sinks with ArcelorMittal’s cold forming steels designed for enamelling. “We love to work with ArcelorMittal products because of the possibilities their steels offer,” notes Lars Betzner. “They give us the best results throughout the entire production chain. And they are ideal for complicated geometries which require a high degree of deformation.”

notes Lars Betzner, Head of Purchasing Alape GmbH

Classic style or contemporary chic, Alape has a steel basin for any bathroom

Simple and complex shapes achieved with just three grades

Alape manufactures basins from three main ArcelorMittal grades. “We utilise DC04EK for our bucket sinks, DC06EK for built-in and sit-on basins and washstands, and DC07EK for basins with complicated geometries,” explains Lars Betzner. “The advantages of these grades are their high ductility and strain resistance, combined with their high yield strength. They are also perfect for enamelling.”

“As we can create basins from one piece of steel, our customers appreciate the design, and purity of our products,” notes Lars. “They also recognise that our basins are sustainable and 100% recyclable.”

The sustainability of Alape’s steel basins is a significant advantage. Many basins and sinks in Europe are made from ceramics. While they offer the same hygiene properties as steel sinks, ceramics are difficult to recycle or reuse at end of life.

It’s about people doing successful business

Alape prides itself on the quality and durability of its products. But that attitude is also applied to its business relationships as Lars Betzner explains:

“To fulfil our highly ambitious goals we put our trust in long-term and open partnerships, like the one that we have had with ArcelorMittal for over 20 years. But I would like to note that it is not Alape and ArcelorMittal as companies that have created this relationship. That is down to the people who do successful business together every day.”

Lars Betzner
Head of Purchasing Alape GmbH

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Alape uses both skilled craftsmanship and new technology to create contemporary bathroom basins

Basins are enamelled to create a pure and hygienic surface.

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