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Online client newsletter | September 2016

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Back in the swim

Solano® Nature provides a new roof for Vénissieux Aquatic Centre

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The inter-municipal Aquatic Centre serving the towns of Vénissieux, Lyon, and Saint-Fons (France) was destroyed by a terrible fire in November 2010.

But by July 2015, swimmers could once again take to the water under an impressive new roof made of Solano® Nature, an organic coated steel produced by ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

Vénissieux Aquatic Centre offers four swimming areas including one Olympic-sized pool. It also houses a fitness area with a hammam steam room and sauna, changing-rooms, and offices, all in pleasant surroundings.

Corrosion resistance in high-humidity environments

The solution adopted was Aqualteo from Bacacier, a leading supplier of metal cladding and long-term ArcelorMittal partner. The roofing created using this system comprises of corrugated sheets with perforated webs. The design ensures good acoustic absorption in buildings with very high humidity levels, such as aquatic centres or industrial laundries.

“This ambitious job, spanning 6,000 m², required us to consider products that met the standards laid down for this type of very humid building,” explains David Derycke, Bacacier’s Sales Director. “Aqualteo is a custom solution that necessitates the use of several materials. We opted for ArcelorMittal’s double-sided Solano® Nature organic coated steel because it offered all the guarantees required for an aquatic centre.”

The entire complex is covered by a massive roof comprising waterproof supports made from Solano® Nature organic coated steel, and glued laminated timber (glulam) beams.

Lyon-based architects Xanadu were responsible for project design. Sandrine Gonon and Iwan Ponsonnet, architects at Xanadu, fill us in on the background: “The layout of the existing pools created the space that drove design choices. We opted for a glulam structure because of the large roof spans. We then had to find a material that could meet the requirements dictated by the volume and specific shape of the building, while at the same time complying with acoustic and waterproofing constraints.”

The new Solano® Nature roof of the Vénissieux Aquatic Centre keeps water out – on both sides!

organic coating

Maxime Vienne, Bacacier’s Technical Director: “The Solano® Nature product was tested during corrosion studies in order to obtain the guarantees required by the local authorities. ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products provided us with technical support through their Advanced Coatings & Construction Solutions research unit.

They identified the solution which made it possible for Bacacier to guarantee the material to the waterproofing company Service Industrie Étanchéité (S.I.E.). S.I.E. was able to offer the end client a guarantee covering labour and the specific process.”

The use of Solano® Nature in the Aqualteo solution meant that all technical requirements and deadlines could be met.

S.I.E. were responsible for waterproofing the new roof

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