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Online client newsletter | September 2016

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Each edition of Update features an article from an ArcelorMittal opinion leader. In this issue we hear from Jean-Martin Van der Hoeven, CMO at ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

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As a steelmaker, ArcelorMittal produces semi-finished products which our customers transform into consumer applications such as cars, washing machines, farming equipment, and the myriad of other steel products which make daily life easier. Tailoring our products to meet the needs of our customer, and the end consumer, is our daily challenge.

It’s a challenge that requires us to consistently evolve, transform, and modernise our portfolio and our way of working. We also look several steps ahead to identify and anticipate the mega trends and societal challenges that will drive consumer behaviour in the future.

To ensure that we do this efficiently and effectively ArcelorMittal is in continual dialogue with our customers, and through them, the end consumer. In our automotive business we achieve this by working closely on co-engineering projects, in many cases at the OEM’s own site. With our expertise and extensive Global R&D teams, we are able to help OEMs create and design vehicles that answer the needs of both society and the consumer.

While this approach has proved hugely successful in automotive, the bulk of our output goes to non-automotive applications. As there are so many different end-market segments and product applications our automotive model cannot always be fully replicated, but lessons can be learned.

One of the key lessons is that we must leverage our strengths to help our customers at the product, technical, and process levels. That requires us to constantly innovate our product and service offer and help customers to design end products using the most appropriate ArcelorMittal steel. And we must continue to provide them with co-engineering support and the information they need to create market-leading applications.

Internally it requires us to embrace the fourth and latest industrial revolution. Known as Industry 4.0, this trend will speed-up the integration of physical manufacturing systems with electronic tools, both within ArcelorMittal and at our customers. By linking our systems with those of our customers we will create a revolution in our joint processes and change the way we interact at every step.

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has already started down this path with the modernisation of our IT processes, our communication tools, and the development of a digitally driven manufacturing and supply chain. These improvements are already giving customers real-time information about products and orders.

The changes we envisage will revolutionise the way our customers do business with ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. They will ensure that we continue to develop durable, cost-effective, and sustainable steel solutions which meet the needs of our customers, end consumers, and society as a whole.

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