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Thanks to our steel the façade of Orgues de Flandre has a brand new look!

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24.02.2017 |

 Non-prime sales

All you need to know about cost-efficient, quickly delivered, easy to buy, non-prime products that can add value to your business.

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Find out how the use of Indaten® weathering steel makes a significant contribution to the appearance of a multi-functional education complex in the north of France, called Pôle Molière.

ArcelorMittal’s range of press hardenable steels (PHS) already offer automotive designers a unique opportunity to create lighter and stronger solutions. But the introduction of two new products – Usibor® 2000 and Ductibor® 1000 – will allow OEMs even greater scope to lighten their vehicle fleet. And when combined into a single laser welded blank (LWB), they can even generate additional cost-effective and lightweight solutions.

14.12.2016 |

 Can of the Year 2016

ArcelorMittal presents the 0.18 mm Steel for Beverage Can and wins Bronze in The Canmaker's Award Sustainability Category