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Growth through innovation

Trialling new ArcelorMittal products puts Sidastico at the cutting edge

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Sidastico is an Italian steel service centre which specialises in processing an extensive array of steels. The company’s capabilities range from structural to high strength grades. Their ambition is to become the best-in-class steel supplier in the European market. As part of this ambition, Sidastico has installed the latest steel processing equipment.

New equipment has recently been installed to enhance Sidastico’s capabilities.

Sidastico’s processing expertise helps ArcelorMittal bring new grades to market quickly.

Sidastico are also at the forefront of developing new products. So, when ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products introduces new high strength steels in extreme formats, Sidastico is one of the first customers we approach to test the product. The steels are used by Sidastico’s customers to create buildings, bridges, pressure vessels, and yellow and green goods.

Sidastico is one of the first companies ArcelorMittal approaches when testing new gauges.

As well as testing new materials, the company also trials new processes.

Around ten years ago, Sidastico made a strategic decision to focus its offer on an extensive range of higher thickness steels in different qualities – from structural to high strength and ultra-high strength steels. “At the same time, we embraced a culture of innovation,” says Davide Chilò, CEO of Sidastico. “This has seen us explore and evaluate new materials and processes. Our decision to embrace novel ideas and approaches has enabled us to stay at the forefront of technological advances. It has driven growth and positioned Sidastico as a leading force in the steel sector.”

Sidastico’s pro-active approach has created a unique collaboration between steel supplier and customer. Sandrine Jourdan, Market Development Manager for ArcelorMittal Europe’s Region South, explains: “Sidastico is one of the most open customers and a valuable resource for ArcelorMittal. It is very important for our business to have customers that are open to test products during the industrialisation process and share the results with us. Their feedback can enhance our offer and enable us to effectively meet evolving and demanding market expectations. This collaborative approach allows us to grow together and learn from one another.”

Davide Chilò, CEO of Sidastico.

Sandrine Jourdan, Market Development Manager – Region South, ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

The collaboration has enabled ArcelorMittal to test new products in a real-life steel service centre, reducing the time to market while ensuring product quality. “Recently we joined forces to test the properties of Amstrong® Ultra 700MC in widths up to two metres and thicknesses up to 20 mm,” says Sandrine Jourdan. “Sidastico’s expertise at decoiling, levelling, and cutting has enabled us to deliver high quality sheets to the mechanical engineering market in Italy and Europe.”

Knowledge answers customer needs

The knowledge Sidastico gains by being one of the first to test ArcelorMittal’s new steels and grades means that the company is better able to answer the needs of its customers. And thanks to the close relationship with ArcelorMittal, they are also able to meet specific requests for steels with different technical requirements.

ArcelorMittal engineers, customer technical support (CTS), and Research and Development teams can also support Sidastico on customer visits if problems occur. “Technical exchanges and field support are critical,” says Davide Chilò. “This helps us to be transparent with our customers and suppliers.”

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