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Main topics:

  • Building a better future for all
    Introducing ArcelorMittal’s new collection steels for the building industry, which offers exceptional technical advantages and is well-placed to respond to present and future environmental regulations. The range does not contain hexavalent chromium or heavy metals, such as lead or hexavalent chromium complex.

  • S-in motion: a lifetime of savings
    Recent studies highlight the flaws in the European Union’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle transport, focusing only on the emissions during the use phase of a vehicle. Using a full Life Cycle Analysis approach is the only way for carmakers to accurately measure, and reduce, the total energy  consumed during the production, use and recycling of their products. It enables them to implement effective, global solutions rather than quick fixes.

  • Steel for oil and gas pipes
    With over 20 years experience in producing steels for oil and gas pipes, it is no surprise that ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe supplies more than 450,000 tonnes of hot rolled coils each year to the global oil and gas pipe industry. Our customers use the steel to manufacture large diameter pipes for hydrocarbon transportation in both sweet and sour conditions. ArcelorMittal’s steels have superior properties in order to meet the most stringent strength and toughness requirements.

  • Laser welded blanks just got stronger and lighter
    While Usibor® 1500P, a light, ultra high strength steel, has performed above expectations as a structural material in automotive applications, its corrosion-resistant coating prevented effective welding. At first sight this prevented the steel from being used as a material for laser welded blanks (LWBs). However, ArcelorMittal overcame this challenge with a patented solution that is to become the industry standard for LWBs.

And also:

  • FreightRail: on trackfor weight andmaintenance cost savings for freightwagons

  • High added value withhigh carbon steels

  • Precision tubular solutionsfor automotiveapplications

  • The future steel vehicle: reducing the weight of battery electric vehicles

  • Let the customer’s voicebe heard: theexperiences of the mills of Business Division North

  • Steel, the sustainablepackaging material
    Lighter and stronger steels are making cans more durable, and environmentally friendly

  • Solutions for tomorrow,today