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Main topics:

  • Granite® Rain: the cure for the standard gutter
    Every builder has at some point dreamed of a quality gutter that is durable, easy to use, cost-effective and – perhaps above all else – aesthetically pleasing. It is time to stop dreaming and to discover Granite® Rain, a new range of rainwater systems combining aesthetics with durability, topped off with automatic guarantees.

  • S-in motion lightens the chassis
    As part of the S-in motion project, a detailed study of eight components in the chassis was undertaken. The results reveal that car makers can save over 22% in the weight of the chassis, by switching grades and optimising the design of their chassis components.

  • Steel and wind energy
    Wind power is an increasingly important part of the renewable energy mix in many countries around the  world. ArcelorMittal is uniquely placed to provide the steels and logistics to create the support structures and electrical gearing required to realise the full potential of the wind.

  • Innovative achievements for the packaging industry
    The Short Lead Time project demonstrates the importance of an adapted and ambitious change management policy and provides evidence of the success that comes with innovation AND having a strong partnership with customers. Overall, ArcelorMittal’s short lead time and thickness reduction programmes improve service and support.

And also:

  • Trailtech: next generation trailers
    New high-strength, low-alloy grades offer spectacular lightweight potential

  • Partners all the way
    Why the world's leading car makers turn to ArcelorMittal's Global R&D teams for support

  • Introducing xcelcoat: the beauty of steel

  • Refining a winning formula: SteelUser to be significantly overhauled

  • Meeting the customer
    How the CEOs of the mills establish stronger customer relationships

  • Gestamp: hot stamping pioneer

  • Make a date with ArcelorMittal FCE