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  • High potential

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Thursday 14 October 2021, 16:00 CET

Machines need to be competitive and more sustainable, and steel is fundamental to achieve this.

This webinar outlined the potential of high strength steels on saving weight, increasing efficiency and lifespan, and many more advantages, all contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.

High and ultra-high strength steels such as Amstrong® and Amstrong® Ultra, available in a wide dimensional range, are the solution for the most demanding applications.

The speakers

  • Jan de Moor, marketing manager for heavy machinery
  • Sofie Vanrostenberghe, head of department Applications & Solutions at ArcelorMittal Global R&D Gent
  • Lieven Bracke, product development manager for ultra high strength hot rolled steels at ArcelorMittal Global R&D

Who attended?

  • Design, manufacturing and procurement engineers
  • Suppliers supporting the equipment manufacturers

The summary:

  • Critical outcomes of HSS using real case studies
  • What it means to use HSS vs lower strength grades
  • ArcelorMittal’s product offer
  • Future developments in the sustainable industry

Want to know more?

Visit our Amstrong® product page


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The speakers


Sofie Vanrostenberghe, head of department Applications & Solutions at ArcelorMittal Global R&D Gent

Sofie holds a MSC degree in material science engineering from the University of Gent (Belgium). She started as a research engineer at the R&D centre in Gent and has taken up various roles since then in field of project/programme management and customer support. Since 2006, she has been actively involved in managing co-engineering projects with customers. In 2015, Sofie became responsible for the Applications & Solutions team dealing with in-use properties of steel grades and optimising customer applications.