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Covering Russia

Local building materials specialist creates
long-lasting roofs with Granite® HDX

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Since the early 2000s, Grand Line has been working with organic coated steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products for its range of roofing tiles and accessories. The products are used by Grand Line’s customers for the roofs of cottages and low-rise constructions. Today Grand Line is utilising ArcelorMittal’s Granite® HDX for its Quarzit range because it offers excellent performance in the harsh Russian climate.

Grand Line began buying Granite® HDX when its customers started demanding a high-performance roofing solution with a polyurethane coating. “At the time, another steelmaker was offering this solution so our customers were naturally interested,” explains Sergey Namestnikov, head of marketing. “We searched for a product that would offer the same outstanding colour and gloss retention and found Granite® HDX from ArcelorMittal for our Quarzit range.”

Granite® HDX is ideally suited to the Russian climate

Colour selection suits local aesthetics

Granite® HDX is available in a wide range of colours and metallic shades, however, Grand Line uses a limited selection, notes Sergey Namestnikov: “From the Granite® HDX colour palette we mainly choose dark colours such as moss green, copper brown and chocolate brown, which ArcelorMittal colour-matches for us to ensure consistency. On top of this standard offer, we ask for special colours including copper which suit the aesthetics of our local market.”

In addition to roofing solutions, Grand Line creates metallic siding and corrugated profiles. “Many of these products are created with Access Standard and other steels from ArcelorMittal’s Granite® range including Standard, HD, Storm, and Deep Mat,” says Sergey Namestnikov. “And we make gutters out of Granite® Rain HDS.”

This soffit is created with Velur (Granite® Deep Mat) while the Grand Line gutters are manufactured using Granite® Rain HDS

Innovation days facilitate knowledge exchange

Grand Line has a stand where ArcelorMittal materials are tested in natural conditions to ensure their suitability for the Russian climate, notes Sergey Namestnikov: “This allows us to have a continuous exchange with ArcelorMittal about the corrosion tests, and to provide them with feedback from the end users of our products. Since 2014, we have held innovation days at least once a year to facilitate the feedback process. We are in contact with ArcelorMittal’s technical support teams on a regular basis for any immediate questions or issues.”

Grand Line’s Quarzit Lite roofing is made with Granite® HD from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

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