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Online client newsletter | December 2019

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Meeting the needs of tomorrow today

Antoine Van Schooten,
CMO Industry ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

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Over the past decade, ArcelorMittal has increased our focus on creating steels and solutions which meet both the challenges of the future and those of our customers. We’ve moved from a ‘product push’ approach towards a customer-driven approach where new steel solutions are ‘pulled’ by the market. That requires us to understand the megatrends which are shaping our world, and what keeps you – our customers – awake at night!

To do this, ArcelorMittal has established a strong network of account managers, segment managers, and customer technical service (CTS) engineers who maintain close links with customers. They are there to help you to choose the best steel product for your application and to understand the solutions you will need tomorrow. They give us market insights which feed our global R&D agenda and create a bridge between the laboratory and real-life.

Developing the future products you require is the responsibility of ArcelorMittal’s strong R&D network of 1,400 researchers. They already have a deep pipeline of product innovations running through to until 2025 and beyond. They are based on customer demand and will enable you to create lighter applications with improved corrosion and wear resistance, better formability, and/or higher strength.

ArcelorMittal’s new products will also help our customers address the major megatrends business faces today such as the transformation of mobility. To address this trend we invested significantly to develop our iCARe® electrical steels which maximise the efficiency and range of electric motors.

iCARe® is ArcelorMittal’s range of innovative electrical steels for the automotive market

We’ve also invested in renewable energy, particularly solar. We continue to develop new solutions for the sector such as our HyPer (High Performance) steels and Magnelis® coatings in different thicknesses so solar installations can resist harsh environments. These developments allow us to offer solutions for new trends, such as solar farms which float on water.

View of a floating solar system protected by Magnelis®

Another megatrend affecting ArcelorMittal is digitalisation and Industry 4.0. We are making significant progress on our digital journey in both our plants and our commercial applications. This year we have developed version 2.0 of our industry leading SteelUser platform which will be rolled out in the coming months.

The push for a faster response to climate change is also affecting our business. In May this year, we launched our first Climate Action Report. The document outlines the steps we are taking to develop low-emission steelmaking technologies and underlines ArcelorMittal’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.

ArcelorMittal is also a founding member of Responsible Steel, and is aiming to secure ResponsibleSteel certification for all its ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products sites, enabling each site to prove that our production processes meet rigorously defined standards across a broad range of social, environmental and governance criteria.

There is more to be done, but ArcelorMittal remains committed to meeting our responsibilities to our customers – and the planet.

More info on ArcelorMittal’s first Climate Action Report:
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Antoine Van Schooten,
CMO Industry ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

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