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Downtown chic

Bacacier 3S creates contemporary look for urban areas with ArcelorMittal organic coated steels

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Bacacier is a leading supplier of steel roofing, cladding and flooring applications for industrial and commercial buildings in France. In 2012, the company created a new entity – Bacacier 3S – to work closely with architects who were building or refurbishing buildings in the centres of cities around Europe. Using organic coated steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, Bacacier 3S has developed a range of signature products specifically for the urban environment. One of the latest is the New York range which allows architects to play with shapes and shades using a ‘toolbox’ of solutions.

“The idea for Bacacier 3S came when Jean-Christophe Vigouroux, CEO of our parent company Bacacier, met France’s best-known contemporary designer – Philippe Starck – back in 2011,” explains Julien Faisandier, managing director of Bacacier 3S. “That inspired us to create the Starck® range, the first in the Bacacier 3S portfolio. The range is designed as a toolkit which allows architects to design truly unique projects. It includes an exclusive colour palette, panels in five different designs, and a range of accessories.”

Mix and match approach

From there the Bacacier 3S family grew to include Cadence® and epure®. Like the Starck® range, these products are based on different steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products notes Julien Faisandier: “The exact grade we use depends on the aesthetics required by the customer, and the type of environment where the building is located. We use a lot of Granite® HDS and HDX, particularly in metallic colours.”

The Cadence® range includes 11 profiles with squared standing seams, and 11 profiles with triangular seams. The products can be mixed and matched to create a specific design. The finish of these panels can be very tactile thanks to the use of ArcelorMittal products such as Granite® Quartz.”

The epure® range is a standing seam solution from Bacacier 3S and utilises Granite® Storm from ArcelorMittal. It gives architects four zinc colour options and standing seam panels in four different widths.

The latest in the series is New York which represents a real change for Bacacier 3S. “New York uses a special folding technique and allows architects to play with shapes and shades,” says Julien Faisandier.

The random ribs of Cadence® give each building a unique look

Three complementary shades from Bacacier’s Cadence® range have been used to clad 17 housing towers in Floirac (France)

Product consistency and support highly valued

The consistency of ArcelorMittal’s offer is a key consideration for Bacacier 3S notes Julien Faisandier: “When we send a sample to an architect, it can take 18 months for them to place an order. ArcelorMittal’s ability to produce consistent products – sometimes years apart – is something we value greatly.”

Throughout the development of the Bacacier 3S family, the company has had a lot of support from ArcelorMittal’s Global R&D teams explains Julien Faisandier: “They provide a wealth of samples and advice at every stage in our development cycle.”

Bacacier’s New York reflects the skyline of the Big Apple’s main districts

Julien Faisandier, Managing Director of BACACIER 3S

The Starck® range gives architects a toolbox of solutions

The Starck® range can be mixed and matched

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