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Transporting green energy

ArcelorMittal works with customers to meet the challenges of transporting new fuels

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With the European Union aiming to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050, new and greener fuels are entering the energy market. Some, such as green hydrogen, are presenting unique challenges for the energy transportation sector.

ArcelorMittal is actively working with customers, researchers, and regulators to define new steel grades and testing methodologies which will allow green energy to be distributed across the EU. These efforts have already led to the delivery of pipes for a new high-pressure hydrogen pipeline which stretches almost 450 kilometres across Italy. But with demand for clean energy growing daily, there is much more work to be done.

Green energy is generated using renewable energy before being transported to the consumer

The availability of hydrogen made using renewable energy (known as green hydrogen) – and its transport – are integral to European efforts to create a carbon-neutral circular economy. But hydrogen has some unique safety considerations. Unlike existing fuels such as natural gas, hydrogen has a very small atom. The size of the particle makes it easier for the hydrogen atoms to penetrate the steel and alter its characteristics.

ArcelorMittal steels are already being used in Europe’s first certified hydrogen pipeline – a 450 km network developed by SNAM to supply Italy with hydrogen. Made by Corinth Pipeworks (CPW), the pipes utilise ArcelorMittal’s L415ME steel grade and have been certified against the requirements of the ASME B31.12 Option B standard.

Hydrogen atoms are extremely small, posing new challenges for transportation pipelines

Nearly all modes of transport can be adapted to utilise green hydrogen

“For this project we delivered a robust new steel which will resist embrittlement and transport hydrogen gas safely throughout Europe,” explains Frederic Bouchaud, ArcelorMittal account manager for oil and gas pipelines.

Frederic Bouchaud,
ArcelorMittal account manager for oil and gas pipelines.

The ArcelorMittal teams are actively looking for customers who we can work with to develop our steel offer for the transport of hydrogen and other gases such as carbon dioxide. “Bring us your project and we will help you to test – and improve – the grades you are using!” says Frederic Bouchaud.

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