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Driving sustainability

Gestamp becomes first Tier 1 automotive supplier to purchase XCarb® green steel certificates

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Gestamp, a leading supplier of components to the global automotive industry, has set ambitious targets to reduce emissions from its activities and supply chain by 2030. As part of those efforts, Gestamp has signed an agreement with ArcelorMittal Europe to purchase XCarb® green steel certificates. The certificates will help Gestamp to meet its commitment to decarbonise its operations and reduce indirect emissions from purchased goods (known as Scope 3 emissions). The XCarb® green steel certificates are issued by ArcelorMittal Europe based on emission savings from decarbonisation initiatives which are already being deployed.

Gestamp uses a wide range of products from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products including steels for hot- and cold-stamping

“Sustainability and CO2 footprint reduction have become central pillars in the automotive business,” says Javier Imaz, Procurement and CAPEX Corporate Director for Gestamp. “Our clients want their suppliers to become greener. But to achieve that, the full supply chain must work together. The XCarb® green steel certificates from ArcelorMittal are just the first step on a journey the entire automotive sector needs to undertake.”

Javier Imaz, Procurement and CAPEX Corporate Director for Gestamp

“ArcelorMittal Europe launched our XCarb® green steel certificates with the intention of setting a new benchmark for the steel industry,” says Paul Brettnacher, CMO for automotive and packaging at ArcelorMittal. “They offer customers such as Gestamp a verified way to benefit from the CO2 savings that we are achieving as part of our roadmap to net-zero steelmaking.”

“ArcelorMittal and Gestamp share the same mindset regarding how to be a responsible global organisation,” says Javier Imaz. “We both work internationally to reach a level of excellence which satisfies the needs of each and every one of our clients. We also share a passion for R&D and innovation. Nurturing our teams to find the best solutions for safer, lighter and greener mobility is a part of our daily work.”

Parts made by Gestamp are utilised by leading OEMs

“We have sustainability in our DNA,” continues Javier Imaz. “Gestamp shares that vision with ArcelorMittal, and we are happy to be partners in the journey towards decarbonisation. Gestamp has been a pioneer in reducing the levels of CO2 required to create our products. We are fortunate to have a partner such as ArcelorMittal to help us and to support our clients to reach their own goals.”

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