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Hot stamping MPI parts

ArcelorMittal and AP&T join forces to create larger and more complex automotive components

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To meet the automotive industry’s increasing needs for larger and more complex press-hardened components, AP&T and ArcelorMittal have deepened their collaboration. With ArcelorMittal’s expertise in hot stamping steel and AP&T’s leadership in press-hardening equipment, this partnership is driving the development of advanced solutions, such as ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration® (MPI), which are shaping the landscape of automotive manufacturing today.

“In response to the global challenges, the automotive industry is always seeking safer, lighter, and more cost-effective solutions,” says Jesse Paegle, Communication and Development Lead Automotive – Steel Solutions. “But the industry is also looking for more sustainable solutions and ways to simplify vehicle design and production while reducing the size of their production halls.”

ArcelorMittal and AP&T are sharing their expertise to address the need for larger, integrated car parts. Hot stamping MPI solutions will become more efficient than ever before thanks to this cooperation.

The market leaders in press hardening are deepening their collaboration. Pictured from left to right: Jan Larsson, Business Development Manager at AP&T; Jesse Paegle, Communication and Development Lead Automotive – Steel Solutions; Lennart Johansson, Business Manager of Line Solutions, AP&T; Dr Christian Koroschetz, Head of Products and Marketing, AP&T.

A notable innovation resulting from these efforts is the improved efficiency and scale of ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration® (MPI) solutions. This approach enables the integration of multiple vehicle components into one very large – or massive – laser welded blank. This reduces the number of parts and simplifies vehicle design drastically.

The original hot stamped door ring innovation, developed in 2014, has now led to a double door ring. Today, MPI solutions such as the
H-frame, dash panel, chassis subframe, and solar roof can replace multiple parts with just one part to streamline production and enhance efficiency.

“Thanks to this collaboration, ArcelorMittal and AP&T have achieved remarkable results. Together we have pushed the boundaries of automotive manufacturing and paved the way for more efficient and simplified vehicle solutions, enabling the efficient production of huge MPI components.”

Jesse Paegle, Communication and Development Lead Automotive – Steel Solutions

AP&T plays a vital role in this partnership, revolutionising automotive production with its state-of-the-art press-hardening equipment. Seamlessly integrating with ArcelorMittal’s steel innovations, AP&T’s multi-layer furnaces and hot stamping presses represent cutting-edge technology.

“We have certainly taken on the challenges related to the production of large parts. Our press-hardening technology is a perfect match for ArcelorMittal’s MPI body components, since this offers low total cost of ownership, low climate impact, and a very small equipment footprint,” says Dr Christian Koroschetz, Head of Products & Marketing at AP&T.

Dr Christian Koroschetz, Head of Products & Marketing at AP&T.

The collaboration between ArcelorMittal and AP&T has yielded remarkable results and pushed the boundaries of automotive manufacturing.

AP&T’s press-hardening installations for large integrated components (AP&T® SKY Lines) have already made a significant impact worldwide. There are numerous lines in operation, including installations at major electric vehicle producers in North America. The partnership between ArcelorMittal and AP&T represents a transformative shift in the automotive manufacturing industry. With ArcelorMittal’s steel excellence and AP&T’s stamping technology, this partnership is poised to redefine industry standards, making vehicles safer, more efficient, and simpler to produce.

AP&T’s Multi-Layer Press-Hardening installation supports the development of larger parts and MPI.

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