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Scaling new heights

Granite® Silky Shine from ArcelorMittal provides finishing touch for a modern climbing centre

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Located in the north of the Netherlands, Leeuwarden is known for its flat and watery landscape. So it comes as some surprise to find one of the most modern climbing centres in Europe towering above the historic city. Known as the Klimcentrum Noardwand, the building is immediately noticeable thanks to the ‘cabin’ at the top which is made from Granite® Silky Shine, an organic coated steel by ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. The Siena/Red colour of the panels changes with the sunlight and the time of day, giving the building a unique identity and acting as a magnet for climbing enthusiasts.

The structure of the Klimcentrum Noardwand takes shape in Leeuwarden

Design of the Klimcentrum Noardwand began in 2016 with the idea to expand an existing gymnasium and its catering facility to create a sports centre with more diversity. The original building had been designed by Richard Benneker from Vaessen, a construction company which specialises in designing and building sports facilities. For that reason, the developer (BV Sport) turned to him for the design.

“The new structure is dedicated to climbing,” says Richard Benneker. “The roof of the existing building was made of steel roofing plates and concrete supported by brick walls. To support the 20-metre high climbing walls of the new facility, we needed add a new floor above that existing roof.”

The climbing centre was built on top of an existing gymnasium

Steel offers flexibility in renovation

Those adjustments involved adding seven steel columns inside the existing building. They were capped with a 28-metre steel beam to support the climbing centre floor. “Steel is well adapted to extensions and it's a light material,” says Richard Benneker. “That made it easy to change the existing roof and add the new steel frame. And the construction could be carried out while the gymnasium remained in use.”

Richard Benneker wanted something remarkable for the ‘ski cabin’ at the top: “I’ve used Granite® Silky Shine in Gold before and I wanted to make it a part of this structure. But some members of the planning authority thought that gold was too flashy for the building. Levi Kleinjan, our contact at ArcelorMittal Construction, suggested Granite® Silky Shine in Siena/Red as an alternative. And it was the perfect choice. It still changes colour with the light and time of day and looks very chic.”

Richard Benneker sees the advantages of using steel in the type of projects his office develops: “I like the idea that steel can be re-used infinitely. And for facades, steel cladding is an advantage because of its light weight. That means we can use a lighter construction to carry the facade.”

State-of-the-art artificial rock walls enable climbers to scale heights up to 25 metres

Patrons can use the climbing facilities inside, or scale the outside ‘rock face’

The colour of Granite® Silky Shine Sienna/Red changes throughout the day

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