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The intelligent construction choice

ArcelorMittal launches Steligence®, a disruptive
approach to construction

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ArcelorMittal has unveiled a new concept to showcase the use of its steels for construction. Known as Steligence®, the concept aims to demonstrate, in a quantifiable and scientific way, how ArcelorMittal’s steels contribute to sustainable construction and the long-term durability of buildings. To prove the concept is sound, the methodology has been independently peer reviewed. A number of Steligence® inspired buildings will also be built, beginning with ArcelorMittal’s own new headquarters in Luxembourg.

Steligence® uses a holistic approach to building design where various solutions are compared and the entire lifecycle of the construction is considered. The goal is to create a broader and objective collaboration between architects, engineers, and property developers. In doing so, ArcelorMittal hopes to resolve the competing demands of creativity, flexibility, sustainability, and economics when it comes to building design.

Science-based methodology

By applying these principles in real-life, Steligence® will allow anyone involved in building design, construction, or ownership to quantify the contribution of ArcelorMittal’s best-in-class steel products and solutions to actual buildings.
A science-based methodology has been developed to measure these benefits notes Jérôme Guth, product manager for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products: “In total we identified 17 indicators which can be used to assess a building and compare materials and solutions. That methodology has been peer reviewed by third parties including engineers and architects to ensure we are comparing like for like.”

Designing for sustainability

The ultimate goal of Steligence® is to demonstrate how ArcelorMittal’s steel products and solutions can improve building design and sustainability, thanks to lighter solutions, faster to install, with lower environmental impact and high ability for reuse and recycling. Flexibility is also considered at the design stage to ensure the building can be easily adapted for future expansion or a change of use.

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Steligence® was inspired by ArcelorMittal’s world-leading
S-in motion® initiative for automotive. Through practical demonstration projects, S-in motion® has shown how steel can help carmakers achieve lightweight and safe mobility solutions.

First demonstration project – ArcelorMittal’s headquarters

One of the first of several projects to be built according to the Steligence® concept is ArcelorMittal’s new headquarters in Luxembourg. Flat products account for around 40 percent of the steel products used in a Steligence® building. Long products will make up the remainder, mostly in framing and foundation applications.

Steel solutions from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products account for around 40 percent of the steel in a Steligence®  building.

Jérôme Guth

Showcase for Magnelis®, Estetic®, and Granite® products

In ArcelorMittal’s Steligence® inspired headquarters, ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products hopes to showcase three of its key construction products: Magnelis®, Estetic® Bio Air, and Granite® Silky Shine.

Global approach for Steligence®

While the initial focus for Steligence® is European office and tertiary buildings, ArcelorMittal plans to expand the approach to other building types and geographical areas. “We will use the powerful comparative and holistic approach of Steligence®, and adapt it to other markets and regulations,” notes Jérôme Guth. “The long-term goal is to make it a global approach showcasing the benefits of ArcelorMittal’s products and solutions.”

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