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Ever wanted to know more about a particular product from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products? Or where to find the latest edition of our eUpdate client magazine? Who to contact for more information? Why not ask Steely, the brand new chatbot from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products? He’s available now from every page of the Flat Products website –, in the bottom right corner. 

Steely is integrated into ArcelorMittal’s digitalisation strategy for the future. The beta version of the chatbot is your opportunity to test the tool and provide feedback. We’ll use your comments and suggestions to make Steely even more responsive to your needs.

The chatbot is currently an interactive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). That means it doesn’t know the answer to absolutely every question – yet! But don’t worry. If Steely can’t find the answer, he’ll collect your email address and ask a human to investigate and get in touch with you. We follow Europe’s new GDPR regulation to protect your information. Any data we do collect is stored anonymously and is only kept for 60 days.

How to ask Steely a question

To use Steely, simply click on the icon in the bottom right of any page on, and choose an option from the menu. You can ask Steely about the following topics:

  • About ArcelorMittal
  • Our products
  • Who to contact
  • Careers
  • Latest news
  • Fabric of Life.

At the moment Steely can only speak English. But he’s ready and willing to learn.

How to use Steely to get information about a product

It’s easy to ask Steely for more information about a product from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. Let’s use Relia® as an example:

  1. Go to any page of, you’ll find the Steely icon in the bottom right corner

  2. Click on the icon to start your conversation with Steely.

  3. Select ‘Click here to start’ and then choose ‘Our products’ in the main menu.

  4. Select the category of the product if you know it. You can currently choose from Automotive, Industry, or Packaging. You can also type the name of the product and press enter.

  5. Your information is displayed:

How to find a contact

Let’s try another example – you need a contact in Germany for bars and rods:

  1. Start your conversation with Steely.

  2. Click on ‘Who to contact’ in the main menu.

  3. Click on Long Products.

  4. Select Bars and rods.

  5. Type the name of the country and press enter.

  6. Your results are displayed: