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Online client newsletter | December 2022

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Rack stars!

Amstrong® and Magnelis® help stow create top-quality racking systems

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Imagine for a moment that you are building a house, but starting with the inside. What materials would you need to ensure that the interior can withstand the elements until the outer skin of the building is complete? For stow, a leading manufacturer of racking systems used in warehouses, this is a daily challenge.

To simplify construction of high-bay warehouses, the racks are the first things installed – up to a year before the external cladding and roofing is applied. That’s why stow has selected Amstrong® and Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products as the basis of the racking systems they manufacture. These unique steel solutions can withstand the elements and provide long-term durability.

stow’s racking systems are instantly recognisable due to their orange and blue finish, and unique upright perforation.

Amstrong® is the material of choice for uprights due to its high strength.

Racking systems are used by a wide range of industries to store products ready for delivery to customers and consumers around the world. “The rapid growth in e-commerce over the last few years has fuelled demand for more and bigger warehouses,” notes Karel Boone, Supply Chain and Purchasing Director at stow.

Karel Boone, Supply Chain and Purchasing Director at stow.

Pandemic accelerates cooperation

Cooperation with ArcelorMittal expanded during the recent pandemic as Karel Boone explains: “During the initial lockdown, ArcelorMittal became an important steel supplier to stow. ArcelorMittal was able to secure the volumes of Amstrong® and Magnelis® we needed from its mills in Bremen (Germany) and Ghent (Belgium) with minimal delay.

Communication was extremely important during this time. ArcelorMittal kept the lines of communication open and active. Even if it wasn’t good news, we got news – and that allowed us to plan our production accordingly.”

Racking systems increasingly accommodate robots which simplify the movement and retrieval of goods.

Magnelis® is the ideal material for robot tracks and other applications where friction is a consideration.

High-bay warehouses are constructed from the inside out – placing significant demands on the steels used.

New norm, new steels

Ensuring that stow meets the new European standard for racking systems and produces environmentally friendly products is a key priority for the company notes Karel Boone: “We are currently developing a roadmap which addresses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.”

As well as developing the roadmap, stow is taking immediate actions to reduce its carbon footprint. “For example, we ask our suppliers, including ArcelorMittal, to ship products by barge to a local warehouse,” notes Karel Boone. “Every barge takes 50 trucks off the road – significantly reducing our carbon footprint.”

Dimensional feasibility of Amstrong® family extended

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has recently expanded the dimensional feasibility of the Amstrong® family to ensure we offer the widest range on the market.

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