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Technical approval from DIBt allows SCHRAG to make full use of Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal

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Since 2014, ArcelorMittal has been working with the SCHRAG Group to publicise the benefits of Magnelis® in the German and eastern European markets. That cooperation has led to Magnelis® being recognised as an exceptional metallic coating which provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection. In September 2019, the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) granted Magnelis® a Technical National Approval. This approval recognises that Magnelis® resists corrosion for more than 15 years and allows it to be specified for construction applications in Germany and other markets which rely on DIBt standards. For SCHRAG, it means that Magnelis® can be utilised with confidence in the company’s thin-walled cold-formed components, even when they are deployed in highly corrosive atmospheres.

Steel plays a substantial role in SCHRAG’s tailor-made solutions for roofing and cladding which are used in industrial and commercial construction. ArcelorMittal supplies a range of metallic coated and painted coils to SCHRAG. These products are typically utilised to create bent profiles which are used as lightweight parts for roofs and walls.

Durability of Magnelis® stands out

“The outstanding properties of Magnelis®, documented in the DIBt approval, have enabled SCHRAG to make full use of Magnelis® in many applications,” says Gunnar Koelsch, head of purchasing at SCHRAG. “For example, Magnelis® ZM310 is the only zinc-magnesium coating which remains durable for more than 15 years according to DIBt. And the approval covers constructions in zones with a corrosivity rating of C4 under the European norm ISO 12944-2. This is unique.”

Magnelis® also offers excellent protection on cut-edges. After checking the self-healing effect of Magnelis® on cut edges, DIBt concluded that the coating (minimum weight of ZM310) can be utilised with uncoated edges of up to 6.0 mm. The uncoated edges should not have an aesthetic function. This is the only German technical approval for a metallic coating which includes uncoated edges up to a thickness of 6 mm.

Magnelis® offers cut-edge protection, ideal for SCHRAG’s variable profiles

SCHRAG’s tailor-made solutions for roofing and cladding are used in industrial and commercial construction

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