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Online client newsletter | June 2020

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New EDI Light capabilities allow late specifications of colours and coatings

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Ever since ArcelorMittal first introduced SteelUser a decade ago, we have continued to develop our digital tools in collaboration with customers. SteelUser itself has evolved to become a multi-platform communication channel, enabling customers to interact with ArcelorMittal via apps, web services, and electronic tools integrated into their business systems. This has made it possible for customers to get production information, send orders directly to ArcelorMittal, and receive invoices and related documents electronically. In a recent project with Polish customer Inter-Max, ArcelorMittal has added the ability to specify the coating and colour of a product late in the order process electronically. Inter-Max, which uses ArcelorMittal’s EDI Light service, now has full transparency over its orders and can respond quickly and efficiently to demands from their own customers.

Digital orders are simpler, easier, more accurate, and faster

Krzysztof Szczerba, president of Inter-Max, explains: “EDI Light integrates the entire product ordering process into our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Orders are now simpler, easier, more accurate, and faster.

Prevision orders allow late specifications

In the initial phase of the project, Inter-Max decided to use EDI Light to send and receive orders and order confirmations automatically. But in response to Inter-Max’s need to specify colours and coatings late in the order process, ArcelorMittal made modifications to the system to allow ‘prevision’ orders. Previously this had only been possible if the customer called or emailed their ArcelorMittal contact. By November 2019, the two companies were able to test and approve the new functionality which is now available to all ArcelorMittal customers on request.

Inter-Max now sees all orders placed with ArcelorMittal in its own software. They can also see when shipments are due. “This enables us to be much more efficient when we are planning production schedules,” says Krzysztof Szczerba.

Inter-Max makes extensive use of ArcelorMittal’s organic and metallic coated products including Granite® HDS and Magnelis®

For Inter-Max, the EDI Light system with late specifications has transformed its business notes Krzysztof Szczerba: “EDI saves us time and money as it prevents the chance of operators making mistakes. We no longer need to spend time chasing these errors. That translates into a higher level of organisation within the company, and has a positive impact on our economic results.”

The EDI Light system with late previsions has transformed Inter-Max’s business

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