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Online client newsletter | June 2020

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Safe and healthy

Visit by Cofigeo unveils a new relationship between ArcelorMittal and fillers

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Cofigeo is one of the leading producers of ready-to-eat meals in France. During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the company’s key concerns has been to ensure the availability of their convenient and easy-to-use meals. As a manufacturer of steels for food packaging, ArcelorMittal has responded to the high demand for canned food by providing canmakers and fillers with quality steels, even during the crisis. The critical relationship between steelmaker and filler has already been acknowledged by ArcelorMittal and our customers. The importance of that relationship was reinforced during a visit by Cofigeo to ArcelorMittal’s Florange (France) plant, just prior to the emergence of COVID-19 in Europe.

Cofigeo produces ready-to-eat meals such as the famous William Saurin brand

“When the crisis emerged, ArcelorMittal immediately realised that there would be significant demand for packaging from the food sector,” explains Stephane Tondo, CMO of ArcelorMittal Packaging. “Keeping our workers safe was key to meeting that demand. And we also took steps to limit interruptions to the supply chain.”

As a filler, Cofigeo has seen a strong increase in demand from consumers since the beginning of the pandemic. Vincent Miginiac, consumer offer director at Cofigeo, explains: “We are even attracting consumers who had an outdated vision of canned products. It has been an opportunity for them to rediscover that cans maintain the taste and nutritional properties of food, and that they are convenient, have a long shelf-life, and are 100-percent recyclable.”

Cofigeo produces its ready-to-eat meals at nine production sites across France

Consumers are rediscovering the convenience, long shelf-life, and recyclability of steel cans

France is the main market for Cofigeo’s products

Cofigeo’s motto is ‘Taste for responsible food consumption!’ and steel is the perfect material for this as Vincent Miginiac explains: “Steel preserves the taste of food and its nutritional qualities the longest. It is an ideal fit for Cofigeo as we are committed to delivering our products while preserving the planet.

And the highlight of Cofigeo’s visit to ArcelorMittal Florange? “We were very impressed by the R&D Centre!” says Vincent Miginiac. “Both by the tools available and the human resources – there are more than 30 people fully dedicated to packaging innovation! We are convinced that ArcelorMittal must take part in our development projects from the very beginning, in synergy with our canmakers.”

ArcelorMittal Packaging can produce packaging prototypes or validate the formability of new packaging steels

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