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Steel against waste

How ArcelorMittal is helping customers – and consumers –
cut the amount of food we waste

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Crown Food Europe is one of Europe’s leading producers of packaging solutions for food. The company has recently published a whitepaper which outlines how steel and other metals can help to reduce the social and environmental costs of food waste. Crown believes that involving steelmakers such as ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products earlier in the design process can help to create innovative packaging solutions which are attractive to consumers and easier for them to use while minimising costs for canmakers and fillers. And encouraging consumers to choose steel packaging is one of the best ways to make a positive impact on food waste.

In collaboration with Crown, the University of Delaware (USA) conducted research into the effects of metal packaging on food waste. The research discovered that metal cans alone reduce the amount of food waste by a billion litres annually, compared with food packaged for refrigeration or freezing.

Benefits of steel cans help reduce food waste

Steel is an ideal material for cans, as Lorena Osella-Rocher, food business marketing manager for Crown Food Europe explains: “The most important thing is the properties of the steels we use. ArcelorMittal’s range of steels for packaging allows us to meet all consumer needs, from single portions to family formats. And these steels offer excellent functionality. The cans we make must protect the quality of the food inside and endure the high temperature – up to 300°C – of the preservation process.”

Creating a strong and durable food can starts with selecting the right steel

That means all produce from the field, including ’ugly’ or misshapen fruit and vegetables, is processed and canned at its peak nutritional value. And the can will retain the food’s vitamins and minerals over the long-term, without the need to use energy during storage.

“Steel’s toughness enables cans to withstand the rigours of logistics, handling, and shelving, and makes them easily accessible anywhere,” notes Lorena Osella-Rocher. “These factors are key to reducing food waste, and global hunger.”

Even misshapen or ‘ugly’ vegetables and fruit can be used

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