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Online client newsletter | June 2021

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At the heart of e-mobility

A partnership of skills and expertise is key to building the components which power electric vehicles

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R. Bourgeois is one of the world’s leading suppliers of magnetic lamination stacks for OEMs that make electrical rotating machines. These products are used to make rotors and stators – the heart of all rotating machines. These include generators which create electricity and motors which turn electricity into mechanical energy.

R. Bourgeois makes rotors and stators – the essential building blocks of every rotating machine

To create its products, R. Bourgeois relies on ArcelorMittal’s extensive range of electrical steels. Some of these grades, including the high-performance iCARe® range, are driving innovations in e-mobility and helping automakers to create environmentally friendly solutions for a greener world.

R. Bourgeois has been working with ArcelorMittal and its heritage companies for more than six decades. This long-term relationship was a clear differentiator for the company, especially when electric vehicles first emerged in the early 2000s.

“The close partnership between R. Bourgeois and ArcelorMittal enabled us to capture a share of the electrical traction business at an early stage,” notes Raymond N. Bourgeois, the current CEO and grandson of the company’s founder. “Combining ArcelorMittal’s technical expertise and our inhouse skills allowed us to offer OEMs innovative and efficient e-mobility solutions at a time when these products – and skills – were in short supply.”

e-mobility needs smart steel solutions

iCARe® range critical to success

Around half of R. Bourgeois’ annual production is dedicated to automotive applications. These include electric traction motors which replace the internal combustion engine and use automotive grades from ArcelorMittal’s iCARe® range. The company also produces standard motors which are used to move auxiliary equipment in the vehicle such as power steering, heat pumps, seats, wipers, and ventilation systems. These motors rely on industrial electrical steel grades.

The properties of ArcelorMittal’s iCARe® electrical steels are fully exploited by the company

Innovation and R&D are key components of R. Bourgeois’ success

The support of ArcelorMittal is vital to ensure R. Bourgeois remains at the forefront of developments. “With the iCARe® range we have seen that ArcelorMittal understands the technology and can produce electrical steels with excellent properties,” says Raymond N. Bourgeois. “ArcelorMittal’s offer and expertise brings significant benefits for our clients in that regards.”

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