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Pure energy

Magnelis® protects the biggest solar park in the Benelux

Covering an area the size of 200 football fields, the Kristal Solar Park is the largest photovoltaic installation in the Benelux. The 300,000 solar panels in the park are mounted on support tables using the FASTSLIDE® system developed by ArcelorMittal customer voestalpine Sadef. The FASTSLIDE® components are roll-formed from steel coated in Magnelis® , a unique corrosion protection coating developed by ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. Magnelis® ensures the long-term viability of the solar installation, even in the harsh industrial environment where it is located.

The Kristal Solar Park has been designed to meet all the energy needs of the Nyrstar zinc-melting facility near the town of Lommel in the east of Belgium.

The Park is spread across ten different plots of land and will have a capacity of 100 megawatts (MW) when it comes onstream in the summer of 2019. The green nature of the project fits perfectly with the city of Lommel’s corporate slogan: ‘Pure Energy’.

Kristal Solar Park ready for installation of the solar panels

Due to the vast number of solar panels required, voestalpine Sadef proposed their FASTSLIDE® system for the project. “If a conventional system was used, it would take eight people working for one year to install all the panels,” says Marc Depauw, head of voestalpine Sadef’s engineering office who led the initial design of the solar park. “FASTSLIDE® reduces that time by 80 percent.”

The FASTSLIDE® click system eliminates the need for clamps or bolts on every individual panel

The Magnelis® frames are guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years

Magnelis® ZM430 recommended for corrosive atmosphere

The proximity of the zinc melting plant means the atmosphere nearby has high levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2). For this reason, ArcelorMittal recommended Magnelis® ZM430 for the project. ZM430 has a 35 µm thick coating of Magnelis® on both sides of the steel. This is the thickest Magnelis® coating currently available.

“Compared to post-galvanisation, a key benefit of Magnelis® is that it doesn’t need coating after forming,” explains Henk Poleyn, commercial manager for voestalpine Sadef. “This saves time and a costly galvanising step, making Magnelis® very interesting in this project.

One of the main reasons voestalpine Sadef chose Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal was the quick delivery time required. “There was a very short period between ordering the material for the frames, and the start of their on-field installation,” says Tom Van De Putte, account manager for voestalpine Sadef at ArcelorMittal Belgium. “Other factors influencing our decision to choose Magnelis® included the quality of the product, the long guarantee ArcelorMittal was able to offer, and our ability to deliver a large volume in a short time.”

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