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Energising cooperation

ArcelorMittal and Borusan Mannesmann
work closely to realise high-spec
pipeline project

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The global oil and gas industry places some of the most stringent requirements on steel to ensure the long-term safety and security of energy networks. Nowhere are these requirements higher than in the United States. That’s why Borusan Mannesmann, a leading supplier to the industry, turned to ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products when they required steel for a new pipeline project in Texas. The US$1.75 billion project will transport up to 56 million cubic metres (1.98 billion cubic feet) of natural gas daily from the Texas oilfields to the Atlantic coast.

Pipes were spirally welded at the Borusan Mannesmann facility in Turkey

Following the steel, every step of the way

Due to the high technical specifications for the steel, the Borusan Mannesmann team were allowed to follow the production of the steel at ArcelorMittal Bremen (Germany). “ArcelorMittal’s technical team played a significant role in ensuring the quality of the steel, and they did that with great transparency and effort,” says Zafer Atabey. “Our feedback was received very positively and triggered technical cooperation and synergies between Borusan Mannesmann and ArcelorMittal. This ensured that the production and delivery of the steel concluded on time, and with required level of quality.”

The project called for a high-quality steel grade commonly used in the oil and gas industry, API 5L X70 PSL 2. However, the end customer requested specific changes to the steel’s chemistry to improve weldability onsite. Strict limits were also placed on the mechanical and chemical properties of the steel, and new test requirements were specified to ensure these parameters were met.

“It was one of the most stringent steel specifications we have ever received for our large diameter pipes,” says Zafer Atabey, general manager of Borusan Mannesmann. “Thanks to its expertise and strong knowhow in steel, ArcelorMittal has been always a reliable partner in our oil and gas projects, so we naturally turned to them.”

Zafer Atabey, general manager of Borusan Mannesmann

The final pipe ready for shipment from Turkey to the United States

Strong and trustworthy partnership

For Zafer Atabey, the success of this project is likely to result in further cooperation between ArcelorMittal and Borusan Mannesmann: “Working with a strong and trustworthy supplier such as ArcelorMittal is crucial because of their excellence in terms of timing and quality. ArcelorMittal met our expectations perfectly throughout the project and we will continue that success by cooperating on upcoming projects.”

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