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Power to lift

How Amstrong® Ultra is helping one crane maker extend its reach

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HMF Group is a Danish manufacturer which makes truck-mounted cranes for its global customer base. For the past three years, the company has been utilising ArcelorMittal’s high strength Amstrong® Ultra steels to create lighter and stronger cranes. Truck-mounted cranes have very specific requirements which make material selection a critical step in the design process. To ensure it only receives high quality and uniform steel, HMF has a stringent qualification process which tests both steel quality and the supplier’s sustainability. The positive results ArcelorMittal has achieved in this process has seen cooperation between the two companies develop and grow stronger.

Amstrong® Ultra gives HMF cranes the reach and lift required

Some cranes can reach up to 35 metres and lift more than 95 tons

ArcelorMittal’s Amstrong® Ultra range offers high yield and tensile strength, combined with excellent formability, toughness at low temperatures and fatigue resistance. This makes it an excellent choice for reducing the structural thickness and weight of crane components while improving their load-bearing capacity.

High strength steels vital for reach and lift

HMF began by approving Amstrong® Ultra 700MCL, as Mogens Kjærgaard, Category Manager for HMF Group, explains: “We started the approval process with a visit to the ArcelorMittal Bremen mill. After auditing the steelmaker and the mill, we received samples of Amstrong® Ultra 700MCL for testing. Following almost a year of trials we approved Amstrong® Ultra 700MCL for use in HMF cranes.

High strength steels enable HMF to make lighter cranes which can fit within a tight footprint

HMF tests the prototype of every crane they produce with at least 150,000 lifts. “This is a much higher number of lifts than they will perform in a normal lifetime,” notes Mogens Kjærgaard. “It enables HMF to have strong confidence in our cranes.”

Cooperation continues for Amstrong® Ultra range

ArcelorMittal is continuing to develop the Amstrong® Ultra range and HMF is closely involved as Mogens Kjærgaard explains:
“It is critically important to HMF that ArcelorMittal has the R&D skills we need and that we have direct access to these personnel.

And we appreciate that ArcelorMittal can deliver a high-quality and uniform product almost anywhere in the world. Material uniformity is very important, and ArcelorMittal is a very good partner.”

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