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Long life, guaranteed

Magnelis® helps Meko Metal to create durable profiles for a wide range of industries

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Based in Turkey, Meko Metal is a leading advocate for Magnelis®, actively promoting the highly advanced coating with its global customer base. Meko Metal uses Magnelis® to create profiles and tubes which are utilised in: solar support structures; greenhouses; agricultural applications such as chicken farms; prefabricated housing; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. And to ensure that their customers can access Magnelis® quickly, Meko Metal maintains its own high stock levels of the coated steel in Turkey.

Meko Metal started life as a producer of standard tubes and hollow sections. When the business was acquired by the KMC Group around a decade ago, investments were made which allowed Meko Metal to begin manufacturing special and value-added profiles.

Those investments mean the company can now produce Magnelis® rails, channels, beams, and profiles for solar installations and tracker systems in-house. “This makes Meko Metal a unique global supplier,” notes Ziya Eren, President of the KMC Group which owns Meko Metal.

Greenhouses are one of the many applications for Meko Metal’s Magnelis® products.

Ziya Eren, President of the KMC Group

Magnelis® stocks reduce lead times

With demand for Magnelis® being very strong, Meko Metal decided to stockpile the material to ensure they can offer customers very short lead times. Meko Metal now receives coils of Magnelis® coated material directly from ArcelorMittal’s mills in Bremen (Germany), Liège (Belgium) and Avilés (Spain). “If we cannot supply Magnelis® within their deadlines, many customers will consider galvanised steel instead,” explains Serkan Gürler, Vice President of the KMC Group. “But thanks to our warehouse of material, we can offer customers just-in-time deliveries.”

Dedicated R&D capabilities

Meko Metal has its own in-house tooling facility which gives the company great flexibility and accelerates its R&D activities. During 2020, Meko Metal completed a €3 million investment in a 46-station roll-forming line dedicated to R&D.

Serkan Gürler, Vice President of the KMC Group

A 46-station roll-forming line dedicated to R&D was installed in 2020

Magnelis® rails, channels, beams, and profiles produced by Meko Metal are used in solar installations and tracker systems

Magnelis® is ideal for perforated profiles as it self-heals on cut edges to offer long-term protection

The line is used in conjunction with Copra FA optimisation software, as Serkan Gürler explains: “The software is a great way to show customers how their designs can be realised. The new roll-forming line enables us to provide them with real-life samples which they can use to test their own systems and products.”

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