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Online client newsletter | March 2021

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Extremely beautiful, extremely resistant

Granite® HDXtreme offers three-layer coating system for maritime-level protection

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ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has released Granite® HDXtreme, the latest pre-painted steel in our organic coated Granite® range. Granite® HDXtreme is uniquely beautiful, resilient against corrosion, sustainable, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The three-layer coating system is made of polyurethane and includes a primer, basecoat, and varnish. Together they enable ArcelorMittal to guarantee the steel’s performance, even on facades and roofs which are close to the sea. Granite® HDXtreme comes in a huge palette of colours and three different finishes to make any project unique.

Granite® HDXtreme is an ideal cladding solution

ArcelorMittal’s Indi building in Gent (Belgium), in an industrial environment. It is the first to deploy Granite® HDXtreme

The strength of Granite® HDXtreme comes from its three-layer coating system which ranges from 70 to 75 microns (µm) depending on the finish. Each layer performs a different but integral function.

Weathering resistance

Granite® HDXtreme already meets the requirements of the updated EN 10169 standard for continuously organic coated flat steels. We expect that Granite® HDXtreme will be rated RUV5 when the new standard is published later in 2021. RUV5 indicates the coating has the highest possible resistance to UV light.

Granite® HDXtreme is available in three different finishes: matt, satin, sparkling

  • Varnish grained, sparkling & matt finishes – durability & surface robustness
  • Basecoat colour & UV resistance
  • Primer protection against corrosion
  • Metallic coating (ZA255) protection against corrosion
  • Steel structural behaviour (including high strength)
  • Metallic coating (ZA255) protection against corrosion
  • Backing coat double sided coating also available protection against corrosion

The three-layer protection system of Granite® HDXtreme enables ArcelorMittal to offer long guarantees

Three finishes, almost 50 colours

Granite® HDXtreme is available in three finishes to suit almost any project. The satin finish is available in either 15 or 30 gloss units (GU) and has a grained texture.

ArcelorMittal has also developed a matt (< 10 GU) finely wrinkled finish which is available in four colours, and a sparkling, grained 30 GU finish which is available in five colours. The latter is amongst the most attractive and sparkly steel finishes available on the market.

Samples of the Granite® HDXtreme are already available from your ArcelorMittal customer support team. By the end of March, they will also be available through our online sample shop.

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