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ArcelorMittal launches Steel Advisor for Packaging at Metpack 2017

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ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products launched a new packaging module as part of its market-leading app – Steel Advisor for Industry.

The module was launched during Metpack, the triennial tradeshow dedicated to metal packaging which is held in Essen (Germany). During the show, Olivier Beigneux, packaging team research manager for ArcelorMittal, also presented a paper on numerical simulation as part of the technical conference held in conjunction with Metpack.

ArcelorMittal’s stand at Metpack 2017 occupied a central position at the entrance to the fair

The packaging module on the Steel Advisor for Industry app features an overview of ArcelorMittal’s complete offer for the sector. Whether you are creating food cans, aerosols, closures, or DWI beverage cans, there are recommendations for the best-in-class steels for every application. Full technical details are also available for every grade.

The mobile packaging steel catalogue

The app was a significant part of ArcelorMittal’s stand at Metpack 2017. “The app makes our complete packaging portfolio available digitally for the first time,” notes Carolina Zaragoza, marketing manager for ArcelorMittal Packaging. “Touch-screens and tablets were available on the stand so visitors could try the app. Many of them downloaded it immediately – we’ve been very pleased with the response.”

The launch of ArcelorMittal’s packaging app was a highlight of Metpack 2017

During the Metpack technical conference, Olivier Beigneux presented a paper on the use of numerical simulations to increase the sustainability of steels for packaging. “Numerical simulation – also known as computer-aided engineering – uses finite element analysis to test a large number of packaging steels and canmaking processes. From this analysis we can determine the best packaging steel grade and geometry of the finished can,” Olivier Beigneux explains. “It’s also very quick and cost-effective as there is no need to produce physical prototypes until the very end of the design process.”

ArcelorMittal’s numerical simulation tools reproduce defects and help canmakers identify the best steel, processes, and geometry for each packaging solution

Reducing the cost and weight of packaging

Numerical simulations are also helping canmakers to create stronger and lighter packaging solutions with steel as Olivier Beigneux explains: “By optimising the geometry of the packaging, enhancing the steel’s properties and adapting the canmaking process we can help to reduce the weight of can components. That improves the cost-effectiveness and environmental performance of the can.”

The tools can also identify (from left to right) wrinkles, tear-off problems, and safe forming conditions

To find out more about ArcelorMittal’s comprehensive offer of steels for packaging and our simulation and design expertise,

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You can discover and download Steel Advisor for Industry including the new packaging module here

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