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An innovative alliance

ArcelorMittal recognised as one of Samsung’s top suppliers in Poland

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Samsung is one of the leading suppliers of white goods. At its plant in Wronki (Poland), the company produces a range of washing machines and refrigerators for both European and global consumers. ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has been one of the main steel suppliers to the plant since it was acquired by Samsung in 2010. Now ArcelorMittal has been recognised as one of Samsung’s top 20 suppliers with the 2020 Innovation Alliance award.

Pan Do Hyung Gyu Kim, president of SAMSUNG Wronki, together with Arkadius Luczak from ArcelorMittal and the award

“ArcelorMittal is the biggest steel supplier to Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing (SEPM),” notes Tomasz Świderski, development purchasing manager for Samsung’s Raw Materials Group. “The company is well known for its wide range of products and its service. But ArcelorMittal also expresses a willingness to explore new steels and solutions which meet Samsung’s needs. That is why it won the 2020 Innovation Alliance award.”

Samsung is the leading producer of refrigerators for the European market, and is number two in washing machines [Data source: SEPM]

Samsung makes full use of ArcelorMittal’s extensive product offer. As well as hot and cold rolled steels, Samsung utilises innovative steel grades such as organic coated products and pre-painted steels grades including Jetskin®.

Samsung’s recognition was surprising for ArcelorMittal as the appliance maker has only recently introduced new standards for innovation. “ArcelorMittal initiatives such as Responsible Steel correspond to the new standards Samsung are aiming to introduce,” says Arkadius Luczak, segment manager for Appliance East, ArcelorMittal Poland. “Responsible Steel is the steel industry’s first global standard and certification programme and covers all parts of the steel supply chain. These initiatives are very important for manufacturers.”

In Poland, Samsung makes washing machines and refrigerators destined for the European and global markets

ArcelorMittal and Samsung also work together to identify new steels which can be utilised in domestic appliances notes Tomasz Świderski: “We have performed several workshops with ArcelorMittal’s R&D teams to find new steel solutions for refrigerators and washing machines. We are currently in the approval process for ArcelorMittal’s laminated and co-laminated steels.”

The 2020 award is the second ArcelorMittal has received from Samsung. In 2015, ArcelorMittal proudly accepted its first Best Partner award from the appliance maker. That recognised ArcelorMittal’s flexibility, reactivity, and the teamwork of ArcelorMittal’s customer support, mill, and R&D teams.

More than 3.5 million units are produced every year by Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing (SEPM)

About Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing (SEPM)

The SEPM plant is located in Wronki, in the west of Poland. The plant employs more than 4,000 people and produces over 3.5 million products annually. These are mainly refrigerators and washing machines which are destined for the European and global markets.

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