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Active recycling

ArcelorMittal’s involvement ensures all available post-consumer packaging scrap is recycled

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Steel is one the most recycled packaging materials in Europe with recycling rates hitting an all-time high of 82.5 percent in 2018. 1 Its excellent recycling performance is largely due to the ease with which steel can be separated from other materials and the value of the steel to producers such as ArcelorMittal. Post-consumer packaging steel is collected by local authorities and sorted in dedicated packaging recovery centres where the steel is separated from other materials using a magnet. However, the recycling process actually begins much earlier when the consumer chooses how they will dispose of the used packaging. Communication is essential to ensure they make the correct decision.

Packaging recovery centres, with the help of end-consumers, allow to recycle 82.5 percent of all steel packaging materials

To improve the quality and quantity of steel scrap, ArcelorMittal plays an active role in the French waste recycling system. We work directly with municipalities and their waste collectors, national authorities, and steel packaging associations to enhance recycling at the point of collection and in sorting centres.

Guide developed for sorting

To increase the quantity of material available for recycling, and improve scrap quality, ArcelorMittal also works directly with sorting centres. “Together with Ademe and Citeo, ArcelorMittal developed a guide to sorting steel packaging,” says Catherine Jung, environment and recycling manager for ArcelorMittal France.

Working together with sorting centre operators, ArcelorMittal is able to audit the quality of the packaging steel in their facility. “We can also help them correctly identify the right scrap category so the steel plant knows what they are receiving,” notes Catherine Jung.

The guide contains a series of recommendations to optimise the sorting of steel waste

A key focus for the future will be on consumer recycling of steels for packaging. “The role of the consumer is essential,” notes Claudie Mathieu, chief executive manager of SNFBM. “If they systematically apply the right sorting techniques, they will help to significantly increase the collection rate and recycling of steel packaging.”

The role of the consumer is essential in packaging recycling

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