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Online client newsletter | December 2018

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Proof positive

Polish roofing producer puts Granite® Ultramat to the test

Blachdom Plus, a producer of steel roofing solutions in Poland, is currently testing Granite® Ultramat from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. But this is not the first time the company has run real-life production tests on new products from ArcelorMittal. For Blachdom Plus, trials such as this give them early access to solutions which will be attractive to their customers, and a competitive advantage when it comes to understanding the technical performance of the material.

Matt coatings are very popular with Blachdom Plus customers, making Granite® Ultramat a natural fit for their product portfolio.

But it is the variety of solutions that makes the Granite® range so interesting for the company, as Dariusz Ceglarz, Commercial Director for Blachdom Plus explains: “Each of the products that ArcelorMittal provides for us is characterised by a different surface appearance: glossy, matt, mineral… And each has different technical parameters such as coating thickness or type. That gives us solutions for specific parts of the building’s exterior.”

Blachdom Plus is a major producer of roofing solutions in Poland

Visual and production tests carried out

The first tests on Granite® Ultramat were carried out by Blachdom Plus in October 2018, though preparations had begun months before. The test coil was produced at ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany) and shipped to Poland. Piotr Szafarczyk, the ArcelorMittal client technical support manager for Blachdom Plus, travelled to the customer to observe the trial.

Samples of Granite® Ultramat first underwent visual and comparative assessment

“After unpacking, the first step was visual and comparative assessment against a sample of Granite® Deep Mat we had in stock,” says Dariusz Ceglarz. “The Granite® Ultramat coils were then processed into four of our roofing tile products: Amalfi, Beskid, Bona, and Perła. These particular sheet tiles have two of the most demanding processing steps: profiling on rolls and drawing.”

Results prove promising

The first results are promising says Dariusz Ceglarz: “The visual test showed that Granite® Ultramat is characterised by a large grain. The coating is rough and expressive to the touch, which translates into a good, homogenous, visual aspect. The production line tests also passed without problems.

Samples of the material Blachdom Plus processed have been sent to the ArcelorMittal Global R&D team so several scientific tests can be performed. “We expect the feedback will be positive,” says Dariusz Ceglarz. “Once we get confirmation of the material’s resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet (UV) light, we will gladly recommend Granite® Ultramat to our customers.”

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