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Working together, growing together

One in two appliances produced by Samsung Poland uses ArcelorMittal steel

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Samsung began producing washing machines and refrigerators in Europe during 2010 when they opened a production facility near Poznań (Poland). Today the plant produces over three-million units annually, and one in two are made with steel from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. In 2015 ArcelorMittal received Samsung’s Best Partner award, and cooperation between the two companies has intensified ever since.

Organic coated products lead

Organic coated products account for about 70 percent of the steel ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products supplies to Samsung in Poland. Chief amongst these is Estetic® Casa, a range of pre-painted steels developed by ArcelorMittal specifically for domestic appliances. “We utilise Estetic® Casa Classic, Protect, and Visual for the exposed parts of refrigerators and washing machines where visual quality needs to be high,” notes Piotr Szwugier, deputy manager of the procurement group at Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing.

One in two washing machines and refrigerators produced by Samsung Poland uses steel from ArcelorMittal

Samsung Poland is trialling Magnelis® , an exceptional metallic coated steel from ArcelorMittal which includes zinc, aluminium, and magnesium. The coating is useful for parts which are exposed to moisture as Tomasz Świderski, a development purchasing specialist in the raw materials group, explains: “Magnelis® could be a good solution for applications such as refrigerator hinges. ArcelorMittal has already supplied us with Magnelis® and we are currently going through our Samsung approval process.”

Advantage of close proximity

One of the key advantages of working with ArcelorMittal is the steelmaker’s proximity to Samsung Poland. “If we have a problem with the steel, a technical expert from ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany) can be at the plant within a few hours,” says Tomasz Świderski. “And we have close links with the other ArcelorMittal mills in Belgium, Italy, and Poland which supply us with material. We’re also working with technical experts at ArcelorMittal to develop new production solutions.”

Cooperation between the two companies has intensified since ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products received Samsung’s Best Partner award in 2015. That saw ArcelorMittal admitted to Samsung’s ‘Members Club’. “The award was down to the hard work of the entire ArcelorMittal client team,” notes Arkadius Luczak, segment manager – appliances for ArcelorMittal. “From the mills to the commercial and technical teams – everyone is part of the success.”

“This is a very significant recognition from Samsung,” explains Piotr Szwugier. “It means Samsung trusts this company and wants to develop further with them. For Samsung – ArcelorMittal is a quality label. We’re working together and growing together as a result. Samsung needs ArcelorMittal and ArcelorMittal needs Samsung.”

In 2015 ArcelorMittal received Samsung’s Best Partner award, and cooperation between the two companies has intensified ever since.

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