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Transforming the supply chain

BLACHPROFIL 2 leads the field in digitalisation and automation

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For Polish roofing and cladding specialist BLACHPROFIL 2, digitalisation is changing the way it does business – both upstream with suppliers such as ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, and downstream with their own customers. Thanks to tools such as ArcelorMittal’s SteelUser and EDI, and their own software for customers, BLACHPROFIL 2 has achieved an almost seamless level of automation across the supply chain.

Digitalisation is affecting all areas of the BLACHPROFIL 2 business including automation, control of processes, and extends to customer interactions as well. “The system that controls all the processes in the company is the most important part of the whole puzzle,” note Mariusz Łach and Iwona Łach, owners of BLACHPROFIL 2. “But increasingly, our customers are striving to integrate their IT systems with ours at every level. That is the future.”

Full access to information

To meet the needs of their customers, BLACHPROFIL 2 has developed its own system known as eProfil, as Mariusz Łach explains: “Our eProfil system gives them access to part of our platform and is similar to ArcelorMittal’s SteelUser. We understand its importance to our customers, just as we couldn’t imagine working with ArcelorMittal without tools such as SteelUser and EDI.”

Like SteelUser, eProfil allows customers to purchase products, and gives them full access to track their orders.

Once the order is received by BLACHPROFIL 2, it is automatically assigned to one of the company’s three plants. Two are located in Poland, with the third in Romania. “For BLACHPROFIL 2, digitalisation includes automated production planning,” says Karol Kwasniak, business development manager for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products in Poland. “If a plant already has a full order book, the system automatically diverts production to a plant that has capacity. This enables BLACHPROFIL 2 to meet the on-time delivery requirements of their customers.”

All of the modern equipment in the BLACHPROFIL 2 plants is connected notes Karol Kwasniak: “Operators don’t get paperwork – everything is done through their terminal. Production staff get a list of items to be produced that day via the screen.”

Future improvements to shorten supply chain

Some lines are fully automated including robots to pack or do final assembly. BLACHPROFIL 2 does not yet have an automated storage system, but there are plans to implement one soon. Further improvements will aim to shorten the supply chain to eliminate delays and human error.

In addition to SteelUser, BLACHPROFIL 2 is connected to ArcelorMittal through EDI explains Karol Kwasniak: “Invoices are already exchanged with BLACHPROFIL 2 through EDI.

That helps both companies to keep all related accounting documents together. In the near future, ArcelorMittal will extend the EDI connection with BLACHPROFIL 2 to eliminate the flow of paper documents and emails, replacing them with EDI messages. All accounting, commercial, and technical documents will automatically flow and synchronise between the ERP systems of the two companies and eliminate the chance of human error.”

Iwona Łach would like to see even further integration between BLACHPROFIL 2 and ArcelorMittal: “SteelUser is ahead of the pack and we are very pleased that ArcelorMittal has made this tool available to us. But like our customers – we want to see even further integration of our information systems in the future.”


Founded in 1995, BLACHPROFIL 2 is a leading producer of steel roofing and cladding solutions for the Eastern Europe market. BLACHPROFIL 2 brands include Zet®Look and Zet®Roof modular tiles, Lambda® roof panels, Inguri® steel guttering, and the PROSYSTHERM® facade coating system. The company makes extensive use of Aluzinc® and the Granite® range of organic coated steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.
More info:

  • Facade and roofing solutions are designed by BLACHPROFIL 2 to give homes a modern and contemporary finish

    BLACHPROFIL 2’s tiles are made with Granite® Storm from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

  • Traditional slate tiles can be replaced by ZET® look from BLACHPROFIL 2

    BLACHPROFIL 2’s GAMMA® is formed from Granite® Deep Mat

  • Contemporary home finished with a ZET® roof product

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