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Co-engineering the future

Bacacier creates innovative building solutions with Granite® Quartz

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Bacacier is one of France’s leading manufacturers of steel roofing and cladding solutions for the building and construction sector. With an eye on constant innovation, Bacacier is always looking for new aesthetic steel solutions to enhance its range of products. Thanks to a close relationship with ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, Bacacier was a key partner in the development of Granite® Quartz in France and is now incorporating it into their latest products.

Bacacier is constantly innovating its product range to bring the best steel solutions to its customers. Unlike many of its competitors, Bacacier creates products for both professionals and the fast-growing do-it-yourself (DIY) market.

A durable and attractive solution

Bacacier has recently created a new range of construction materials using Granite® Quartz from ArcelorMittal. “We are always looking for new finishes and Granite® Quartz was a good solution thanks to its look and feel, and scratch resistance,” explains Luc De Deygere, purchasing director of Bacacier. “Scratch resistance is very important – particularly for our roofing solutions.”

Bacacier’s Tuile R PRO system simplifies the construction process and comes with a 20-year guarantee

Bacacier was closely involved in industrial-scale trials of Granite® Quartz notes Luc De Deygere: “ArcelorMittal does not just sell us coils. We sit with their technical people and explain our needs. Together we can co-engineer products for the future. When ArcelorMittal first proposed the idea of Granite® Quartz, we immediately saw the potential of this durable and attractive solution.”

Although Bacacier has only recently introduced Granite® Quartz to its professional clients, sales are steady says Luc De Deygere: “It’s only been on the French market for a few months, so customers are still becoming aware of Granite® Quartz. But their initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. We see a bright future for Granite® Quartz as part of our portfolio.”

Granite® Quartz comes in a range of colours which mimic traditional building materials including slate (Grey – QGY01) and terracotta (Medium Brown – QBR02)

The scratch resistance of Granite® Quartz makes it an ideal material for external cladding

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