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  • Recovering ospreys in Asturias

Preserving the wildlife

ArcelorMittal Asturias is one the entities that support a programme run by the Spanish NGO FAPAS (Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals), aimed at recovering the presence of ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) in the region.

These birds of prey nested in Asturias up to the late seventies, and FAPAS is trying to favour their reestablishment in the region by installing artificial nests and perches in favourable locations, like estuaries and reservoirs.

On 3 June 2013, FAPAS installed a nest and a perch at ArcelorMittal’s reservoir close to the Gijón site, and plans to do the same at the ‘La Granda’ reservoir, next to our Avilés site, later this year.


The nest, installed at a height of 6 metres, is designed for ospreys to settle and breed in, whereas the 4-metre high perch provides a vantage point from which they can seek their prey and on which they can feed without being threatened by other animals.

Ospreys are medium-sized birds of prey that feed on live fish and nest close to large expanses of fish-filled water, provided they can find vantage points offering good visibility of the surrounding area. The global population is estimated at 460,000. In Spain there are only around 40 breeding pairs.

FAPAS is a Spanish non-profit NGO created in 1982. Its main aim is the preservation of mountain ecosystems and the wildlife that inhabit them. At present, it is supported by more than 18,000 collaborators in Spain.